Monday, December 1, 2008

...And it's coming closer

BLOG! I really like places where words can be positioned so that others can read them.

I have recently been listening to the new Kings of Leon album (fantastic by the way) and became quite addicted to the first track called “Closer”. It’s a simple tune that truly pulsates strait to the heart. Songs can be judged sometimes on physical reactions, like tapping of the foot/fingers, bobbing of the head and so on. This track makes me hit things hard in rhythm, and sing (as best as I can, which is truly not very good) my heart out. For some reason made me think of war and shooting things, and funny enough it apparently made other people think the same thing. See the video attached.

Got me thinking of other tracks that through the years have given me that same feeling and a pattern started to become quite clear – I like those tunes that, #1 have great simple lyrical melodies, but have a bottom end that you could leave on all day and not be bothered.

Think about that for a minute – how much music do you know? Now how much of that music can be placed into a group that can be played all day and you wouldn’t mind? It’s the same old question, if you were stuck on a remote deserted island with an absurdly, ridiculously, inconceivably large stereo system (why not, it’s just a hypothetical) and could only bring three records with you, could you really make a choice that you could live with?

Life Signs baby – this is what its all about. The challenge that we as music obsessors are burdened with for the rest of our days is to actually figure out our own top five.

I've attached a couple other tracks that certainly fall within the same category as "Closer". I got's to get to Glastonbury on of these years.

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  1. To answer the question "how much of that music can be placed into a group that can be played all day and you wouldn’t mind?"

    The answer for me is at least 991. This was the original folder size of my Life Signs directory before I started trimming it down. It has since grown, all amazing tracks that belong in it's aplty named folder "Best Songs of All Time" heh