Thursday, February 5, 2009

Local (for me) - Great for All!

Higher Love (Depeche Mode), Karma Police (Radiohead), Try a Little Tenderness (Three Dog Night), all undeniable life signs tracks that have one constant --- They connect. At least with me anyway. That rush of love when a dearly missed friend appears from the arrivals lounge at an airport looking rather flustered from their long-haul flight and yet is so happy to see you. Like the days when every little detail of every little problem makes you want loose it. Like when my cat decides to crap outdoors instead of the litter box...These songs somehow encapsulate tearful moments of both joy and sorrow. They entwine the human nervous system and sink into the veins.

I've come across a local band (from Waterdown, ON) called Oceanship. They have a very Coldplay'esk sound, its certainly worth a listen. The track "Hotblack" falls under the above discussed category of music. The chorus isn't simply just good but instead tucks you up in bed so cosy you refuse to get out. So damn effortlessly warm in melody. Video is incredible.

Notes on video from band:

Hand drawn by Ofir Sasson, the video for Hotblack took over six months to complete. Ofir was able to incorporate the band within his animated vision thanks to live footage shot by David Patrick (assisted by Jacques Fortier) in Toronto, Canada. We were very fortunate to work with top rate people, both personally and professionally. We are presently shooting a "making of" video which will detail the intricate process.

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