Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto is one of those techno artists that really get it. If you're a fan of music, its hard not to enjoy the sounds that this man produces. His sense of movement and grace suggests shades of classical influences yet complements the shuffle and boom of contemporary tech-house rhythms. Boratto describes his sound:

“The music I make, you can see the structure, even if it’s an instrumental,” Boratto says. “ You can see a verse and a pre-chorus and a chorus. The structure is kind of commercial. It’s not a typical techno track where nothing happens, nine minutes of boom-chick, boom-chick. In this way, it can be easier to accept for people who are not into the techno thing.”

A lot of his tunes are very progressive, building on several layers of melody and rhythm. Though most of his tracks are quite lengthy, it doesn't deter you from enjoying the track from start to finish by layering more and more melodies to keep you in it.

Gui Boratto - No Turning Back

Gui Boratto - Besides

Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

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