Monday, April 20, 2009

Starsailor - Listen Up Your Face

Starsailor. Write it down, hook it up, pay too much for them or download for free. I don't care, just go and get undressed with them.

Built around the songwriting and lead vocals of James Walsh, the band fit nicely along side similarly minded mellow Brits Doves and Coldplay, but with a bit more juice in their junk.

Why you should already own a Starsailor album:

"Starsailor - Good Souls"

"Starsailor - Shark Food"

Sold? I know I am.


  1. Speeaking of Starsailor.. I am diggin' the new Doves LP

  2. By the way have you heard the mix Jacques Lu Cont does of "Four to the Floor". It's quite delectable

    About half way down the page

  3. Sweet - that songs sounds good no matter what beats yo put behind it, but this one is slick!

  4. Hey guys

    Here's a link from our website Radio Magnetic (an internet radio station based in Glasgow) where you can access an article about a preview for The Edge Festival in Edinburgh later this month, at which Starsailor are performing! From this link you can download the MP3 audio file and also subscribe to the podcast RSS feed:

    There will be more info and audio downloads of Starsailor at The Edge available soon, so keep checking back!