Saturday, May 16, 2009

Luke Slater - Love

I blindly stumbled across this track a few weeks back while watching a clip about Chris Cunningham. Within a few seconds I loved it, but I had absolutely no idea what it was. Thanks to the wonders of the iPhone app Shazam all my questions were soon answered.

In the wide spectrum of electronic music I tend to lean more towards the sampled/organic sounds rather than what most like-minded folk would consider 'techno'. In the past, and because of this tendency I usually avoided the big names in the scene such as: Joey Beltram, Dave Clarke, Jef Mills etc.

This track in all it's simplicity has me thinking about what the other diamonds I missed, skipped or flipped over in the previous decade. So dig into a little bit of Luke Slater's Love, taken from his 1997 album Freek Funk and let it take you on a journey of glowsticks, ecstatcy and gigantic pants.

Luke Slater - Love

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