Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Infamous Stone Matthews

I feel its my role on this site to ensure that the guitar gets its proper due. It is time to introduce the world to the wonders of the Am-G-F transition with fantastic guitar solos on top.

The following are two of my favorite songs of all time, and they both happen to have the same transition found at times within them. First we have The Stone Roses with "Tears". Beautifully woven with Ian Brown's haunting vocal's and John Squire's underrated genius on guitar, Tears brings even the best to their knees. It begins with a wonderful acoustic riff and ends with absolutely fantastic fist pumping solo - get's me every time.

The Stone Roses - Tears

Secondly I would like to speak to the genius that is Bob Dylan who wrote one of the most broadly covered tracks in the history of Rock and Roll - All Along the Watchtower. Unfortunately for Mr. Dylan, his version turned out to be the worst of them all (obviously up for debate - please don't yell at me) I would like to direct your attention to the Dave Matthews Live at Red Rocks version, my personal and sentimental favorite. Again this track starts off slow and ends in a tirade of goodness. Tim Reynolds plays off the Am-G-F combo on this version, making very difficult soloing sound effortless.

The Dave Matthews Band - All Along The Watchtower (Live at Red Rocks)

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