Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This site is seriously lacking bass and I am going to try my best to fix that. Some nasty dubstep should do the trick!

George Lenton is a yet unsigned dubstep producer from the UK that has recently started to make some "noise" on this thing we call the 'blogosphere'. Ranging from rugged dubstep to light-hearted electro to bass-heavy rollers, Lenton certainly has the skills to create crisp and well produced tunes. Strictly headphone/loud speaker type music, so prepare accordingly before listening.

George Lenton - Jungle Whomp

George Lenton - Cold Rocker

George Lenton - Beware

MGMT - Weekend Wars (George Lenton Remix)

The King Blues - Come Fi Di Youth (George Lenton Remix)


  1. Bandwidth exceeded with fileden.. neat. Must.. get.. personal.. webspace..