Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Very Bootie Christmas

Good X-Mas music? Thats unpossible!! As you can tell, I'm not a huge fan of most Christmas tunes, but this is definitely an exception. What we have here is a couple of mashup albums released back in 2006 from a couple of chaps by the names of DJ Adrian & the Mysterious D – a.k.a. A PLUS D. Similar to Girl Talk in the mashup vibe, A Plus D take X-Mas and non-X-Mas tunes both new and old, throws them together, to create something different entirely. At first, I wasn't expecting much, but while listening to the albums, it was just one track after the other of music gold. If I were to throw a Christmas party, this would be playing and people would be having fun.

A Very Bootie Christmas - Volume 1

A Very Bootie Christmas - Volume 2

Voicedude - It's The Small Things

Edit: Volume 2 was released just this December. Thanks for the correction A+D! :)


  1. Hey there! Thanks for posting about our albums!

    Couple quick corrections: The albums are called "A Very Bootie Christmas" - Bootie with and IE, not a Y, as it's the name of our mashup party, Bootie, and bootie is slang for 'bootleg', the UK name for mashup. :-)

    Also, the second volume just came out this month, Dec 2009.

    Glad you like 'em! Thanks for sharing them, and happy holidays!


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