Sunday, December 6, 2009

Verve Remixed CHRISTMAS

It's starting to feel like Christmas again. Especially since there's now a thick coating snow where I reside.

Verve Remixed CHRISTMAS is part of Verve's remix collection and it breathes new life into some of the seasons classic's. There are a few new ingredients added in each track which gives them a slightly different flavour. This can be good or bad depending on listener's perspective.

Steven Leggett of Allmusic sums up perfectly the tricky job of remixing timeless pieces of music, especially Christmas music.

"What makes a classic Christmas song work is that, even as we change and the world changes, it stays the same, popping up each year during the holiday season steady and sure, providing a kind of thread to holidays past, an example of perceived nostalgia at its most powerful. Messing with that emotional nostalgia is a tricky thing, which is why this set of holiday classics remixed by various producers and DJs walks a thin line between delightful surprise and what-were-they-thinking disaster."

Take em' or leave em'. Personally find this collection to be a refreshing change to some timeless tracks and they have been on rotation along with their original counterparts.

Count Basie - Good Morning Blues (Real Tuesday Weld Clerkenwell Remix)

Shirley Horn - Winter Wonderland (Christian Prommer Remix)

Billie Holiday - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Yesking Remix)

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