Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Cure - The Unheralded Gem that is Bloodflowers

Bloodflowers, an album released in 2000, billed as the third part of a trilogy begun with Pornography and continued with Disintegration is in my opinion one of the most underrated albums ever produced. Bloodflowers boasts all of the Cure's signatures: lazy melodies, gloomy lyrics, classic Smith vocals, and long running times which at first sounds bad, but are what makes The Cure who they are. Though it does not boast classic hits like its brother album Disintegration (Pictures of You, Love Song, Fascination Street etc.) it is front to back truly excellent.

Bloodflowers has never been critically acclaimed as an album, and in a way I can see where these negatives are coming from. The songs do tend to blend, and you often do check to see if the track has changed from one to the next, but all the while the groove and feel never lets up. In my opinion in this case that’s a positive. The album has a purpose, and from the beginning with Out of the World, and the amazing Watching Me Fall strait through to my two favorite finishing songs 39 and Bloodflowers it feels like there is a point to be made.

I’ve attached a few of my favorite gems from this album. Enjoy.

Sorry for the hiatus – it’s good to be back.

The Cure - Watching Me Fall

The Cure - Maybe Someday

The Cure - 39

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