Friday, January 13, 2012

Eagle Eye Willamson - Black Gold

"Williamson, 34, a proud sixth generation Texan, lives in Austin. At the age of 15, a bike accident severed his optic nerve, rendering him unable to see through his right eye.

Watching Williamson play can at first be distracting. An unassuming man sits behind a small drum-kit configured to his liking. In his lap a guitar, perfectly positioned. As he begins to play, his feet tap the drums that construct the rhythm of the songs

With his left hand, he works the fret board of his electric guitar as his right hand switches between striking the snare drum and cymbals. Each layer expands as Williamson begins to sing. The experience, at first fascinating soon turns to exhilaration"

What a Rock n' Roll Bio

Austin Texas ☑
Williamson ☑
Eagle Eye ☑
Raunchy Blues Inspired Rock ☑mate

Check out his Eagle Eye's site for more info

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