Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paul's Best of 2012

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"Dropped From The Sky (Live - ISAM 2.0 Tour)"
 [ISAM Live]

Just simply epic in every sense of the word.

Pro Tip:  If you set your player to fade these first 2 live tracks together, it'll make it seem like its the same show!  Neat!

2. Orbital
"Impact (Live in Australia)"
[Wonky - Bonus Disc]

I know, 19 minutes for a compilation is a bit obnoxious, but this is a live version of a classic track that must be heard.

3. Blockhead
 "Tools of the Industry"
[Interludes After Midnight]  

Samples, toe-tapping beat, crunchy bass - what else do you want.
4. Fairmont
 "Creatures of Night"

Canadian!  Album has a new wave vibe.  Good tunes.
5. Anders Ilar  
"The Iron Door"

"Layering different sounds on top of each other".
6. Burial
 [Truant / Rough Sleeper EP]

A bit of an odd release since this track seems to be a mix of several different snippets of different tracks, but hey, it works just the same.

7. Andy Stott
 "Lost and Found"
 [Luxury Problems]

Deep, dark, groaning, brooding, fun!

8. Com Truise
 [In Decay]

Another solid release from Com Truise this year, however, I would like to see him mix it up a little bit for the next release.  Keep the 80's synth alive, but just throw in some new flavours, etc.

9. Blawan
 "His Money"
 [His He She and She]

Nonsensical sample on repeat with a catchy beat - approved.

10. Photek

Very well put together track by Mr. Parkes.  Head-nod shit yo.

11. Ryan Davis
 [Particles Of Bliss]

This track is taken from my album of the year for 2012.  Solid tracks from start to finish.  Being that its his first full length album, I look forward to a bright future with this man.

12. The Field
 "Looping State of Mind (Junior Boys Remix)"
 [Looping State of Mind Remixe EP]

New take on an already great track - well done "boys".

13. Machinedrum
 [Ouroboros - Lazer Sword Compilation]

Machinedrum is one of those dudes who I wish would just stick to what works and relax with the experimentation.  This track he does it right by creating an easy listening sound with just the right amount of edginess.

14. Deadbeat
 "Lazy Jane"

Dub club!

 15. Four Tet
 "Jupiters (Happa Remix)"
 [Jupiters / Lion Remixes]

Four Tet's release this year entitled Pink was solid all around I'll admit, but no track stood out enough for any to make my list.  However, this remix is just fun to listen to so here it is.

16. Philip Glass
  "Warda's Whorehouse (Amon Tobin Rework)"

Good year for Amon Tobin who like Machinedrum, can be frustrating with his experimentation at times, but here he does it right with a lesson in drum programming and infectious rhythms.  I didn't find much else on this remix album, but it's probably worth a look just the same.

17. Stumbleine

Beautiful track and great for sleepy time.

18. The Hundred In The Hands
 [Red Night]

Great vocals by Eleanore Everdell on this track and throughout the album.  Definitely worth a further look if you like this one.

19. Miike Snow
 "God Help This Divorce"
 [Happy To You]

Miike Snow once again a solid album from start to finish with Happy To You in 2012.  Listening to these guys just makes me "happy".

20. Teen Daze
 [The Inner Mansions]

Great lounge-y track for your ears and brain.  Nothing wrong with it.

21. Komonazmuk

Solid "dubstep-y" sounds throughout this album, however, on this track he takes a bit of a departure and creates something a little different.  Takes a bit for the beat to drop, but once it does, its fantastic.

22. Fish Go Deep
 "All Change"
 [Draw The Line]

I honestly don't know what it is about this song that I love so much.  Is it the inspirational message?  The crackling record noise?  Or is it just plain funky and easy to enjoy? 

23. Clams Casino
 [Instrumental Mixtape 2]

Round 2 for Clams and his instrumentals.  Probably not as good as Mixtape 1, but still contains some gems like this one.

24. Calyx and Teebee
 "Back & Forth"
 [All Or Nothing]

This song reminds me of the Teebee of the early 2000's and I love it.  Sadly, this album doesn't contain much else like it.  :(

25. DeepChord
 "Cruising Towards Dawn"


26. Yeasayer
 "Blue Paper"
 [Fragrant World]

I find Yeasayer to be the type of band where if they get it right, they get it really right.  Just wish there was more right more often, but oh well, enjoy.

27. Aesop Rock
 "BMX (feat. Blueprint and Rob Sonic)"
 [Skelethon - Bonus Disc]

Solid hip-hop anonymous containing a couple of samples that are simply amazing. 

28. Crystal Castles

Another well put together LP from the Crystal Castles duo.  Anyone else find the album cover super creepy?

29. Grimes
 "Nightmusic (feat. Majical Cloudz)"

Enya + Bjork = Grimes.

"Our Little Secret"

Solid sample integration and dub-y - well played.


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  2. i thought i commented? guess not, anyways very nice i just started listening now, day off so going to go through this and be happy. well done sir